Kudu revisited

The day before lockdown Friday three weeks ago, a cold day, gale blowing, cloudy, no sun. A day for the Metro, visit the suburbs. Also the last day this would be possible, as would not be able to travel on the Metro during lockdown, or at least not without a plausible excuse and prior consent.

A trip to Cholargos to visit Eat Me, Metro, then 418 bus. Returning on the 418 bust, as I approached the Metro station I knew where I was, hop off the bus and whilst in the locality, pay a visit to Kudu which I had visited last year.

Kudu was surprisingly very busy for a coffee shop in lockdown, takeaway only.

Have a takeaway coffee and a bite to eat.

New Synesso espresso machine. They have bought two for lockdown. They expect to be busy.

The shelves were almost bare, restocked whilst I was there. But why bring boxes of coffee in large cardboard boxes, to then throw away, why not reuse the boxes? Why bring coffee in bags, why not in large reusable food grade plastic boxes for coffee brewed in the coffee shop?

Coffee on the shelves has meaningless best by, even worse a date that is two years hence. Best by is meaningless for coffee. Only meaningful date is the roast date.

Last year, The Underdog coffee in Nespresso capsules. Kudu doing the same.

Why stock tea pigs? Not quality tea.

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