Massage House

Three weeks ago Thursday, walking through Ermou, people queuing for sales, stock clearance before lockdown, and traditional this time of year, I spot a sign for a massage, Massage House.

After my hike up Lycabettus Hill a massage just what I need. I check it out.

Ride the lift to floors six and seven, what it says on the lift, nada, walk down to floor five which is what it says on the sign outside.

Nothing available, return at 1845, in forty-five minutes time.

I use the loo. One dirty black towel, how long has it been there, how many people used, raises questions the establishment and their lack of covid-19 biosecurity.

Raise, but get nowhere. Dealing with a very rough character who claims to be in charge. Very unpleasant attitude.

Coffee at Just Made 33 only closed. Try Peek a Bloom, closed

Return in forty-five minutes. By the time I check out Just Made 33 and Peek a Bloom too late.

I decided not worth returning as lack of covid-19 biosecurity raises serious questions in a massage parlour.

Too cheap, 20€ for an hour, 15€ for forty-five minutes.

I also notice touting for businesses on the street, dragging people in off the street.

Covid-19 biosecurity very poor. A dirty black towel in the toilets, used how many times by how many people, serious covid-19 risk. Raises big questions the entire outfit.

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