Accosted by strange woman in the street

Three weeks ago Wednesday accosted by a strange woman in the street.

I had visited a Police Station to report a theft the previous evening, as I left and was walking down the street I was pestered by a woman. She was most insistent but I have no idea what she wanted.

She did not appear to be asking for money. Offering sex, or maybe robbery.

She tried to drag me away. Two other women nearby appeared to be with her.

Eventually I managed to shake her off.

I was in the vicinity a few days later, Athens now in lockdown, no sign of the woman.

I asked a witness to the incident, but they could shed no light on what took place. They concluded maybe sex, maybe robbery. Warned me to be careful.

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2 Responses to “Accosted by strange woman in the street”

  1. peterbarnett7 Says:

    Wow, women trying to drag you off the streets. What’s it like to be so irresistably attractive to women? What’s your secret?

  2. keithpp Says:

    Weird to say the least.

    Usually I am approached by young gypsy women in a different area (now deserted), very attractive. We got to know each other so well they are wary, mainly because I speak to them in Greek.

    But this was different.

    Was not after money, or trying to sell me anything.

    I tried sex, how much. Ten euros. Too cheap, or so I thought at the time, therefore had to be a scam of some sort, possibly dragged away and robbed.

    There were a lot of rough characters hanging about which usually do not see on the street.

    I was told imminent lockdown had flushed then out of their holes.

    When I inquired a few days later during lockdown, few people on the street as lockdown means lockdown, no one allowed out, I learnt 10 euros for sex, cf licenced brothels 20 euros, so freelancers on the street would try to undercut.

    Apparently supply and demand, too many girls chasing too few clients.

    I was told there were brothels nearby, not that I have ever seen any.

    Sadly I never did learn what was going on.

    If it was England, I would put it down to the many nutters on the streets.

    I am generally aware of what is happening on the streets in Athens as spend my time on the streets. This though I was at a loss. I suspect either sex for sale or an attempt to take me away to be robbed.

    The following days I ensured I was never carrying anything of value.

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