Athens coronavirus lockdown day one

Athens night-time curfew. From Tuesday of this week bars, coffee shops and restaurants closed. From today first day of lockdown. Not allowed out unless have special permission.

Luckily I have papers, special permission to go out. Contrary to false reporting by Independent that I saw previous evening claiming British not allowed out in Greece, no, it is not true, not allowed out of hotel, but would require special permission.

Breakfast with a view, marvellous start to the day.

Beginning of lockdown in Lincoln, very little traffic on the roads. I am surprised the traffic I am seeing in Athens, but a tiny fraction of what would usually be seen.

I had a wander from Acropoli, around the Acropolis to Thissio, to Monastiraki, to Ermou to Plaka.

Everywhere deserted.

A detour down the side of Acropolis Museum to Little Tree a book shop cum coffee shop.

Looked in a couple of food shops and a derelict mansion.

Little Tree closed. I had hoped maybe would be open for takeaway but sadly not, closed.

Usually the route down to Thissio Metro Station teeming with life, many stalls at the weekend, but lockdown, deserted.

A detour to The Underdog. I was very surprised to find open. Me, a barista and somewhere a chef. Usually on a weekend The Underdog would be heaving.

Chef? For deliveries.

They have now expanded their choice of coffee in Nespresso capsules. The day before I noticed Kudu and Mind the Cup were offering Nespresso capsules. Even Panama Geisha sourced from 90 Plus in Nespresso capsules.

Buy a 60 euro Nespresso machine and coffee from quality coffee roasteries, for example The Underdog, Kudu, Mind the Cup, but never ever use Nespresso capsules.

I came away with a takeaway coffee. Not great, but my fault, I allowed it to cool. Not the same though as sitting in The Underdog.

As I left, another customer arrived. A slow but steady trickle.

Monastiraki deserted. Usually very busy.

I found a little Filipino takeaway. They only opened a couple of weeks ago, to then be hit by lockdown. Maybe visit another day. One of the few food places open.

Ermou deserted. Ermou the equivalent of Oxford Street in London.

Back through Plaka. Deserted.

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