Afternoon Kolonaki and Lycabettus Hill

Visit British Embassy in Kolonaki, a part of Kolonaki I have not visited before, back via Kolonaki Square, walk through Kolonaki, then climb Lycabettus Hill.

Around Temple of Zeus, past Hadrian’s Gate, through National Garden to a part of Kolonaki I am not familiar wish.

Past War Museum to British Embassy.

British Embassy an ugly building guarded like a fortress. Can only talk to security officials through a security gate. No one available. Handed a leaflet to report loss of passport.

I choose a route that will take me past Redd.

On my way to Redd pass a coffee shop με. Very busy.

Onward to Redd, who tell me με busy for food not coffee, Redd not busy.

From Redd cold brew coffee brewed from cold drip coffee. I choose Kenyan. Excellent.

Redd have a strange method of choosing coffee. Pick out bookmarks with three different attributes.  Blended in the grinder. Perverse.

Far far better, bookmarks with different single origin, attributes listed, pick one. Would then learn more about coffee.

I cannot drink outside Redd my coffee, walk to Kolonakiou where I sit and relax with my cold brew.

I have walked around the square in the past, never stopped. It is quite a pleasant place to sit and relax.

Onward to Taresso but do not stop. Kelly their head barista has moved on. They are wary and will not tell me where I can find her.

I decide to climb Lycabettus Hill. The last time I climbed a year ago, the sun was setting, stunning views from the top of sunset, but walk down in the dark. Easy to walk over the edge of a precipice.

Today the day starts off cool, very warm as I climb the hill, up through pine forest, then a cactus forest before last stage bare rock.

I ask a police officer before I ascend, do I have to wear mask? Yes, is his reply. No one does, it would be impossible.

Near to the top, not noticed before, a terrace with stunning views where can stop and have a drink.

On my way down, I am lost, I do not know where I am.

Eventually I find myself across the road from the National Garden. A long way from where I thought I was. Last year in the dark I was lost, eventually I found a coffee shop and asked to use their wifi. I was way past the Olympic Stadium, way way out of my way

I decide to make my way to Just Made 33. Only to arrive as closing.

Walking through Ermou, people queuing for sales, stock clearance before lockdown, and traditional this time of year. I spot a sign for a massage, Massage House. Return in 45 minutes. By the time I check out Just Made 33 and Peek a Bloom too late.

I try Peek a Bloom, only to find closed.

Pass by Cultivos the coffee shop serving taf I chanced upon previous day, closed. Street not as busy with traffic, but not pleasant. No way a suitable location for a coffee shop.

I seek out Crop Roastery the little coffee kiosk I found the previous day.

The knowledgeable guy I talked to the day before not there. Nevertheless I have a coffee. It is not good.

Walking through Plaka, deserted.

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