Afternoon in Larnaca

Temperature a little lower today, below 30C, slowly cooling day by day as head into winter.

Yesterday UK put Cyprus on quarantine list and advised no travel to Cyprus. Immediate profiteering by easyJet and other airlines. Last night flight to Gatwick €400 this evening almost €500.

Earlier to Larnaca with intention of leaving late afternoon, but best laid plans, do not leave until nnighttime.

Local bus to Ayia Napa. Wander through Sculpture Park.

Intercity Bus, once again driver not wearing mask correctly, passengers follow example set. These buses are being turned into coronavirus death traps.

Bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey and fruit at Lazaris.

I had intended to pop into The Third Room a suggest coffee to try. Stop and have a cocktail. Sorry, I do not have the time. But can try whilst chatting. OK then.

Excellent cocktail. Not only created cocktail, also the ingredients.

The Third Room coffee shop during the day cocktail bar at night. Part of Roseum boutique hotel, a contemporary hotel in Larnaca old town. Owned by two brothers who also own in the mountains s vineyard, winery and distillery.

Espresso at Koffea.

… Nick’s Coffee Bike

Indian dinner

– — to be continued —

One Response to “Afternoon in Larnaca”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Will you be back in England before 4am on Sunday?.

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