Afternoon in Larnaca

Summer time ended at the weekend, it now gets dark earlier. I therefore caught an Intercity Bus an hour and a half earlier to compensate.

Local bus to Ayia Napa full of immigrant workers. No one wearing masks correctly.

Wander through Sculpture Park.

Intercity Bus driver not wearing mask correctly. When requested to wear correctly, pulled down to expose his mouth.

When I alight at Larnaca, he shouts at me and pulls down mask to expose his mouth. A big joke. Maybe not so funny when police hit with €300 fine and bus company fires him.

Police have been targeting bars and fining waiters not wearing masks correctly. They need to do the same with the buses. Also shut down and fine bars with loud music.

Walk along seafront to Larnaca Castle.

Interesting conversation with girl from Cameroon. She tells me she is an asylum seeker. I was not aware Cameroon was a country to flee from.

I find shoe shop open. Shopkeeper does not know which pair of sandals she found before. Maybe different shopkeeper. She eventually finds a pair, if not the same, similar. She tells me €30. My last visit €25 , Maybe a different pair. We settle on €25.

Bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey and fruit at Lazaris.

I decide to revisit The Third Room. I say problem may be channelling, not the beans, though I suspect the beans and clutching at straws. He pulls an espresso, neither of us can see anything wrong. Unpleasant taste as before.

To Koffea but no time for a coffee.

To Nick’s Coffee Bike. V60# frombTanxanjs tossed by Clifton Coffee Roasters. I an somewhat disappointed.

To Ithika Garden. I decide to check menu then have to go and wash my hands. Order pork chop accompanied by a glass of red wine. Chop tasty but tough.

— to be continued —

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