cappuccino patisserie Amelia

In Protaras impossible to obtain decent coffee. Though with rare exceptions also true for Cyprus.

Patisserie Amelie one of the few places open in Protaras.

Not somewhere I would recomend for coffee. Opened several yeard sgo. Until last year always empty.

I ordered a cappuccino. A mistake. I should have ordered freddo cappuccino.

What was served undrinkable. Froth and foam, between lukewarm and stone cold.

Never spoil a ship for a haporth of tar. variety offer. Top quality San Remo espresso machinev an Demi espresso, topbqualityvSan Remo grinfers, then cutvcorners wkth cheap crap low qualibkty coffee from LavAzza. The girl making The coffee clueless on making coffee.

— to be continued —

The ice cream a different story. Highly recommended.

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