grilled pork chop Andama

A wander through Protaras. Many more businesses closed than a couple of weeks ago and there was little open then.

Very few people on the street.

Latest government edict which came into force today, masks to be worn in the street. About half the people are compliant. €300 fine for noncompliance.

Dinner at Andama, Greek-Cypriot taverna centre of Protaras overlooking Sunrise Pearl.

Grilled pork chop vegetables and chips, tomato soup for starter, half a bottle of red wine.

Food excellent.

Restaurant too noisy.

Covid-19 biosecurity good. Hand sanitiser at entrance which are asked to use as walk in. Too noisy, people smoking. Most but not all staff wearing masks correctly.

Black cat watching. Shared my dinner with. Eyes like saucers .

When meal finished I was brought a slice of melon. Ripe and very juicy.

I was then brought a coffee liqueur served in an interesting glass.

I was also brought the bottle but could not make out what it said.

But even if wished to buy a bottle not possible as not on sale. Restaurant sources direct from vineyard or winery from where they source their wine.

Andama is being hit by fake reviews, vegetables undercooked, overcooked, food not tasty, service poor. None of which is true. Ignore the fake reviews.

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