Collapse of tourist industry in Protaras

Walking along the seafront Protaras brought home the scale of the collapse of the tourist industry. Closed and abandoned restaurants and hotels.

Restaurants empty shells.

Most of the hotels closed and abandoned, weeds growing in flower beds. Sunrise Beach Hotel pool drained but not secured or cordoned off.

Constantinos fake 5* hotel one of the few open, sunbeds jammed close to one another, not safe.

Early dinner at Nissiotis, a restaurant overlooking Protaras Pier.

Why printed menud of several shttest. Why not simplify the menu to one pronted sheetm which is then thriwn away?

Service iffy, but at keats staff were corredctkyh wearing gace maks, not dangling atroundtheir mouths. Generous portion size

Walking back a long the main road before reaching the main road hotels only opened last few years closed. Supermarkets bars closed. <

A couple of bars that are open not busy, loud music blasting out tables to close, high risk for covid-19.

The handful of restaurants that were open were busy, busy with Cypriots not tourists.


— to be continued —

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