EasyJet flight Gatwick to Larnaca

Gatwick, noticeable by its absence, apart from hand sanitiser stations dotted around, complete absence of covid-19 biosecurity.

No temperature screening on entering airport, nor at check in or boarding.

For Cyprus require passport, boarding pass, Cyprus Flight Pass and valid covid-19 PCR certificate showing tested negative.

No social distancing at boarding gate.

On board, no attempt to enforce correct wearing of face masks. Many passengers had drooped around mouth not covering nose. Crew failed to act when drawn to their attention. Passengers standing in aisle, leaning on seats with bare arms, close to seated passengers. Crew up and down with trolley selling food and drink, no face masks required whilst eating and drinking.

No social distancing on aircraft. Cooped up for over four hours. Yet social distancing on ground transportation, bus and train.

EasyJet expect taxpayer to bail them out.

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One Response to “EasyJet flight Gatwick to Larnaca”

  1. keithpp Says:

    EasyJet Friday the 13th flight

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