Lunch at Caffe Macchiato

I was looking forward to lunch at Indonesian street food restaurant but as last week I found closed. Closed down? Nothing to say. People will do as I have done, visit once, visit twice, maybe a third time, but after than not bother.

Caffe Macchiato changed hands last year and now under a new owner.

I have not visited since it had changed hands.

I was surprised how busy, I have never seen so busy, not to my liking, but I have not visited before at lunchtime.

I ordered pollo crema a funghi.

A long wait, but then was busy and everything is freshly cooked.

Not too happy served on a cold plate.

Of grave concern lax covid-19 biosecurity. Waiters either not wearing masks or not wearing correctly, kitchen staff wandering around no mask, but my greatest concern the same greasy laminated menus.

Please wear masks. The menus incinerate. Drastically cut down the choice, put on the wall, and hand patrons a printed paper sheet which is then disposed of.

I noticed baclava on sale. I asked where the man was from. He said Bagdad and learned to make whilst living in Baghdad.

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