Cold and windy afternoon in Oxford

Not able to buy a ticket en route. Change at Reading for Oxford. No problem when I ask to buy a ticket. Contrast with the idiot at Guildford Station yesterday.

Gatwick train to Reading very busy, as is the Cross Country train to Oxford. Nearly evertyone gets off for Oxford.

Alight at Oxford Station. Cold and windy.

Walk along the Oxford Canal to Jericho.

Excellent lunch at Branca. Never the restaurant, always the deli.

I am amazed at the choice. Spoilt for choice and it takes me a long time to choose. I guess because a Saturday.

Back track to 101 Coffee Espresso Bar. I did wonder if it would be open. They told me they remained open during lockdown. Now takeaway only.

Different coffee, Route, which I had never heard of. Roasted locally. Interesting bags, feel as though plastic. At a guess plant-based cellulose. Bottom of bag claims biodegradable. But also at the top, reuse refill, an interesting concept.

The coffee the coffee shop has derived in plastic boxes which are then sent back to be refilled.

Walk back along the road.

Street food market appears to be smaller. Maybe my imagination.

A coffee stall. Winchester Coffee Roasters. Not good coffee.

I try, no not good coffee.

I head to Society Cafe, have to retrace my steps as missed a turning.

I am pleased to find the street closed, tables in the street.

I assume Society Cafe must be outside seating only but no, people also inside.

I was not going to stop for a coffee, but cannot anyway as have reverted back to no cash.

I head to Colombia Coffee Raiosters in Oxford Covered Market.

Saturadym it is heaving.

But to my doispaontment, no Wush Wush. I visted a year ago to find clsoed.

The basrta finds some benas,m sells me half apacket.

I also buy another bagm and some chocolate.

Head to Blackwells. Pick up copy of Another Now (highly recommended).

As I am leaving, acosted by a wona, attempted robbery.

As I am heading to the staion, call polkice and let them know what hapened, give a decsription.

Train busy.

Guard walks through the train, orders a young woman to wear a mask, does so with great reluctance having been told more than once, guard walks on down the train woman removes mask.

Five minutes to change trains at Reading to catch Gatwick train. Again very bysuy.

— to be continued —

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