Aldershot Farnham Guildford

After working in the garden, raking up leaves from last winter which have destroyed all the grass, grass seed sown, a very busy afternoon.

Bus to Aldershot. Bus empty.

I wished to eat at Indonesian restaurant. Closed. No indication if open.

Bus to Farnham.

Hop off and visit Coffee Gems. Pick up a couple of bags of coffee.

Pass by Krema, I am surprised to find open, but no time to stop. I notice door is open.

To the butcher, pick up bacon, pork chop, potatoes, large mushroom.

Train to Guildford.

No ticket, no problem, explain I have no ticket and buy return ticket, at least usually no problem. But a jumped up arsehole decides to give me grief, why do you not have a ticket. I explain I am in a hurry, I am trying to buy a ticket and I am being given grief and have my time wasted. Idiot refuses to accept rail card and charges full price for tickets.

I Have never had this problem before. If no ticket, I simply buy the required tickets.

People with time on their hand, bullshit jobs, trying to justify their existence. Instead of hassling me, treating passengers as criminals, why not do something useful, enforce wearing of masks?

I decided to eat at Meat the Greek. Poor quality Greek food but needs must and I am hungry.

What to expect for a fiver?

To the market. Top fruit and vegetable stall has changed layout again. An improvement and more or less back to how it was.

Walking through jeffies Passage very depressing to see Bambo Shoots clsoed and gutted.

Pass by what was Surrey Hills Coffee a change of name, new owners or a re-branding exercusie. I am suprsied to find they still exists.

In tunsgate surpised to find Love Brownies ahs not clsoed. Crap coffee crap bowinues.

Jut make Krema maybe yem minutes efore it clsoed.

Order a cappuccino. Excellent. Pick up a bag of coffee. Tempted by Perus but Kenya more frshly roasted.

To Waitrose. Inconeviant have to walk the legth of the store to enter by car park entarnce,and gtaert risk.

Walking doen the the station, almos blow over such the strenth of the widn.

— to be continued –

One Response to “Aldershot Farnham Guildford”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Back home I see, been a long time.

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