Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and fifty-two

Passing by Everyman cinema I was asked would I like to have a look around?

I accepted the invite and climbed and climbed and eventually found myself in a bar which led onto a rooftop terrace worth the climb for the view.

Walking into Lincoln Central Market I noticed a seafood stall outside.

The useless jobsworth who mismanages the market, having destroyed the footfall and damaged business, now seems determined to destroy the fishmonger.

If we lose an excellent fishmonger we will know who to blame.

High Street busy.

I stuck my head in a Jamaican restaurant. Loud music. When I explained a breach of covid rules. The guy thanked me and turned it down.

Bailgate restaurants empty. Tuesday busy. Eat Out to Help Out distorting trade.

Excellent haddock and chips Elite on the Bail. Not busy. Tuesday it was very busy.

Opposite on the other side of the street The Prince of Wales Inn empty The Lion and Snake busy. Tuesday it was the inverse.

Walking down Steep Hill, tiny tea shops, people packed in like sardines. Not safe.

Down in the High Street gangs of drunken yobs roaming around. The binge drinking bars rowdy.

Once again Walkabout the worst. A gang of half a dozen pressed close together as they walk in.

A cappuccino Madame Waffle.

Also tried Yirgacheffe as inverted Aeropress. Aroma great, brewed not good. Tried adding milk. Yuk, it was even worse. At a loss what is wrong. It should be great. It was not.

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