Inside Everyman cinema

Everyman cinema opened on Friday.

Passing by I was asked would I like to have a look round.

I walked in, climbed and climbed and eventually found myself in a bar with a rooftop terrace.

The bar empty, the rooftop terrace every seat and table taken.

I noticed food being served.

Stunning views from the rooftop terrace. Interesting to see Sincil Street from an entirely different perspective.

The inside quite plush.

I took the lift down.

It then occurred to me: Where was the cinema? I had seen no cinema.

I asked. I thought hoped maybe one large cinema, one large screen, takes seats sloping down from the top of the building.

Sadly not. Four cinemas.

No mention of what was on, no ticket office.

Have to check on-line.

Were they to show the same commercial crap screened elsewhere? Sadly yes, not commercial otherwise, but they also hope to screen indie films.

The building is out of character with Sincil Street but an improvement on the eyesore that was demolished and a vast improvement on the eyesore on the banks of the Brayford.

Tickets £13-50 (concessions £11-50).

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