Sausage pepper and pasta revisited

Improvisation of Jamie Oliver recipe revisited.

When have a recipe, do not follow slavishly. Then think about it, how can it be improved upon.

I did not brown the sausages sufficiently, choose a different pasta.

No olive oil, use extra virgin cold pressed rape seed oil.

Large pan, rape seed oil, sausages sizzling until start to brown.

Layer in runner beans, peas, cauliflower, red pepper and red onion.

Sizzle for ten minutes.

Add ripe and over ripe cherry tomatoes, hot water, balsamic vinegar, pepper.

Simmer for twenty minutes.

Pour into casserole pot. Oven 180C for 25 minutes.

Pasta fuselli simmer six minutes in boiling water.

Serve, pasta with sausage pepper from casserole dish.

Do not skimp on ingredients.

Lincolnshire sausages chipolatas from Redhill Farm shop.

Vegetables from garden and local green grocer.

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