Market Day Louth

I visited Louth a year ago, tucked in the foothills of the Lincolnshire Wolds. I found a dead and dying town, few people around. I was told visit on market day.

The previous week Look North had visited Louth. It showed a thriving market, which is more than can be said of Lincoln, where the local council does everything it can to kill what little is left of the market, their latest to kick out the fruit and vegetable stall that generated at least 80% of the footfall.

Today Wednesday, market day in Louth.

At Lincoln Central Bus Station, a crowd waiting for the bus. I did not fancy travelling on a crowded bus. I hoped for a double-decker bus. A single-decker bus pulled into the bay. Only four got on the bus, I was the only one who went to Louth.

An hour by bus. The last time it seemed to take forever to get out of Lincoln. Not today, little traffic.

The bus continues on to Mablethorpe. I was tempted, but after an hour on the bus I had had enough. It was another hour on to Mablethorpe.

It started raining as the bus left Lincoln, and continued to rain all the way.

I alighted from the bus as it pulled into Louth and continued on foot. Luckily the rain had eased off.

I asked a couple of times for directions to the market. A maze of streets and easy to become disoriented

But first I looked in Beaumont’s near the church with the spire for which Louth is famous. An excellent deli. Noticing they had chocolate I suggested they stock chocolate from Louisa’s and Bullion, both are relatively local.

As it was on Look North, a thriving market, and unlike my previous visit and as I had been told, busy. A busy market attracts people into the town.

I wandered around the market, a quick look around the town, then back to the market.

Word has reached Louth of the disgusting treatment of a market stall in Lincoln.

The last time I was in Louth I had noticed Auction House and thought it would make a wonderful coffee house. Today open, as a coffee shop and serving food.

I looked in and said I would pop back.

A long wait for a table, one never became free. Would I wish to sit outside. I had not been told they had tables outside, where I preferred to sit.

Arriving back in Lincoln, I noticed how drab and run down compared with Louth.

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