Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty two

Three passengers on the bus, three passenger on a double decker bus. No one wearing masks.

Lockdown breaking down, many people about, too many.

Looked in on the fishmonger. Sea bream, I have never before seen sea bream. In Greece tsipira.

Flower stall by the river. Why oh why is the disgusting doughnut van and its stomach-churning stench not kicked out and barred from trading?

Walked up to Steep Hill via a different route.

Once Steep Hill and Bailgate reached, many people about.

Bookstop Cafe opened a couple of weeks ago. I thought on my way back down sit outside, have a coffee, though probably too hot. Where were the seats?

I walked in and asked, pleasantly cool inside, a Norman undercroft.

Anonymous tip of to the council, council jobsworth orders the seats be removed.

I look in Redhill Farm shop but say I will return later, check what time they close as close earlier on a Saturday.

Pop round to Elite on the Bail, the back entrance takeaway fish n chips. Sit in the shade of a tree. Girl gives me a takeaway cup of water with ice. Much appreciated as I had no water.

Look in Sanctuary in the Bail. Serving takeaway tea and coffee. Were Bailgate pedestrianised they and other restaurants would be able to put their tables in the street.

Three passengers on return bus. Luckily left a couple of minute lat else I would have missed.

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