Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day sixty four

Three people on the bus. A single decker. It was ludicrous last week a double decker. And with single decker, easier for people to keep apart.

In Sincil Street and the High Street more people about.

Sterile spaces in front of Grand Coffee House and 200 Degrees coffee shop could be given life, if the coffee shops were allowed to use for tables. Helps the coffee shops back into businesses, safeguards staff and clientele, and improves the street scene.

I discussed with both coffee shops. They thought an excellent idea. But, said backward council would not permit. It is up to them to demand, or are they going to continue allowing the local council kick small businesses in the teeth?

A coffee from 200 Degrees. Not good, I poured down the train.

How are M&S getting away with selling clothes on their ground floor. Even the sales counter is open. People are trying on clothes, shoes, then putting back.

Six passengers on return bus.

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