Lincoln coronaviris lockdown day sixty one

A doubled decked bus has replaced single decker.

I cannot see how this can be justified. DRiver sasy more poole now using the bus.

One two, three passengers on tghe bus.

A woman abiut to sit opposite me. I tel her to move down the bus.

Sincil Streetm many more pople.

I popl in Curtism a woman stands outside obstructing the door.

What uis=is wrong with ioke? To thick to comprehend social dsuatning>

I lookled in 200 Degrees, then pop back Being driven nust by car taht does not wotk. 200 Degrees no cash. Lehla>

Very pleased to see fishmoner open. Limited stock, only open Friday and Saturady. I am temptedf bt sea bass. Maybe next time.

Never see the frut and vegetavle stall s busy.

Lots more pole abut in the High Street.

M&S obtasacled in route through to Food Hall, pole wandering arund t but clothes. Greater risk for customers.

THree passngers on return bus.

— to be continued —

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