Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one

Bus into Lincoln empty. Lincoln Central Bus Station empty.

Borders on criminal negligence, no hand sanitiser at entrance, 20p to enter toilets to wash hands.

Toilet at Lincoln Central Station closed. Again putting travellers at risk.

Sincil Street empty.

Hopped on a bus to Bailgate, very little open.

I waited until one and only customer left Post Office, quie formed outside. Post Office thanked me.

Found credit card not functiioning conatctless. I learn later,can only use three times. Banks need to get their act togther.

Appalled four pople allowed into Curtis. THis si two too may. It shoudl be resticted to two, one custmer at each counter.

A man, sleved rolled uop, grasyarms leaning acroess the disoaly counter. Disgusting.

Contarst with fruit and veg shop around the back. Only one person allowed in, orderly que outside.

Walk down Steep Hill, The Strait and into High Street.

Streets desrted.

Bnaks closed.

M&S open, but few in store.

Fruit and vegatble stall open at the market.

A few ppole in the bus station.

Number of deatsh today 87, a sharp incraese.

But it is going to get far far worse. Idiots packed into pubs, this will feed through to a shartp incarese.

Priteering by Sporst Directs, hike in prices of equpment can be used at home. And why were their stores open across the kitcehen

Why are costruction sites open.

Why Wren Kitchens? Making kitcehns is not essential work.

— to b e continued —

2 Responses to “Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    I’m confused you posted this on Tuesday. Why are you not on lockdown like Boris advised in detail on Monday night??.

  2. keithpp Says:

    You mean we take note of mass murderer Pepsi Trump?

    The man who for ten days peddled bogus science from Dominic Cummings, tens days that sacrificed the lives of many.

    China bought us time, we squandered it .

    Tuesday of last week, we were where Italy was two weeks ago, Spain one week ago. Big difference they already had measures in place.

    Yesterday saw a sharp rise in deaths and cases, doubling every few days. But a picnic to what is to come. Exponential growth that is about to accelerate.

    Failure to ban mass gatherings weeks ago, failure to shut down pubs clubs and bars at least a week ago, failure to place London in lockdown last week. Inherent stupidity of Brits piling into pubs. Bad employers like Wren Kitchens forcing workforce into work. Making kitchens is not essential work.

    Viruses spread through people. All these gatherings helps it to spread far more widely.

    Failure to ban, not only led to many deaths but also sent out the wrong message, nothing serious to worry about, no different to seasonal flu, leading people not to take seriously.

    Me, I heeded the advice I have been giving for weeks. Avoid crowded places, avoid pubs, crowded restaurants, overcrowded commuter trains, planes, airports, cruise ships.

    Heeding that advice, not joining the lemmings to strip shelves bare in supermarkets, little shops, avoid people, two for the price of one, shopping trip and exercise.

    Nearly everywhere closed, streets deserted, mainly good practice, but also bad practice.

    Lincoln Central Bus Station, no hand sanitiser at the entrance, 20p to enter toilets to wash hands, putting passengers and drivers at risk.

    Lincoln Central train station toilets closed, no facility to wash hands, putting passengers at risk.

    Local shop butcher cum baker, allowing four people into a small shop, two people too many. A slob DPD courier, leaning across display cabinet with bare arms. Disgusting.

    We have no immunity against coronavirus. Our only defence avoid contact with other people. But, we have to eat, occasionally go out. When we do, minimise contact with other people.

    We are also up against sociopaths, spreading false information that is putting lives at risk, homemade face masks protect against coronavirus.

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