UK ordered into partial lockdown

From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home. — Pepsi Trump

Not a full lockdown. Partial lockdwon for at least 21 days.

  • stay home
  • no visiting friends or family
  • non-essential shops closed
  • only allowed out to shop for food, essential work, medical needs
  • allowed out to go for a walk a run a cycle ride
  • no public gatherings greater than two people
  • social distancing at least two metres apart

China bought us time we squandered it.

Tuesday of last week UK was two weeks behind Italy, one week behind Spain. Big difference they already had measures in place.

Inaction will cost lives. Closure of mass gatherings and sporting events should have been banned weeks ago. Bars clubs pubs closed at least a week ago. London in lockdown last week.

Failure to act sooner apart from costing lives sent out the wrong message.

Last Friday the drunks packed into pubs. At the weekend, people were packed on the streets, pubs were open.

We cannot say we were not forewarned.

Why are airlines still flying, why are airports not closed?


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