Coronavirus tale of two coffee shops

Tuesday of last week UK two weeks behind Italy one week behind Spain.

Friday, pubs, clubs, bars, gyms, coffee shops, restaurants were ordered to close.

Bars, pubs, clubs should have been closed weeks ago.

Moot point should coffee shops and restaurants be closed.

The order should have been immediate. But not until midnight. The drunks piled into the pubs, bars and clubs placing many at risk.

Prior to the order to close indie coffee shops were taking precautions, yajeeay coffee cups, no reusable cups, hand santiser at entrance.

One day on from order, indie coffee shops closed. They care for the health and safety of staff and clientele.

Walking down Lincoln High Street Madame Waffle closed.

Further down, greedy grasping tax dodging Starbucks open

I also passed Caffè Nero open.

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