Deserted Lincoln city centre

Thursday Sheffield city centre deserted, many places closed, those open closing early.

Friday, pubs, clubs, bars, gyms, coffee shops, restaurants ordered to close by midnight.

Moot point should coffee shops and restaurants close?

Saturday, two days later in Lincoln, few people around, Sincil Street fairly busy, farmers market deserted. mid-afternoon few people in the High Street.

200 Degrees coffee shop closed.

But stupid sign outside Sign of the Fish fish n chip shop claiming shortage of chips and encouraging panic buying. Height of stupidity and highly irresponsible.

Farmers market deserted and closed early, though I was told busy in the morning.

Very annoying Lincoln Castle closed.

Elite on the Bail up market fish n chip restaurant closed but serving fish n chips out the back for takeout.

Contrast with Sign of the Fish in Sincil Street, notice encouraging social distancing, hand santiser to use, excellent fish n chips served in a compostable takeaway box.

— to be continued —

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