Coronavirus tale of two fish n chip shops

Previous day, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, gyms, ordered to close.

Passing by two fish n chip shops, what a difference.

Sign of the Fish, not a recommended place to eat, poor service poor quality fish n chips, no attempt at social distancing, as a sign claiming chips in short supply and encouraging people to panic buy.

Elite on the Bail an upmarket fish n chips restaurant in #Bailgate not open more than a month, around the back serving takeaway. A sign encouraging social distancing. I waited until no one inside. Hand sanitiser to use. Served in a compostable takeaway box. Too cold for outside. I found a seat catching hazy sun. Lift the lid, grab a chip or price of fish with wooden fork, quickly close the lid.

Excellent fish n chips and stayed hot. I could have dropped in a bin. A retained to full with kitchen waste and drop on a compost heap.

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