Tim Martin encourages piss heads to visit J D Wetherspoon

Piss heads packed in pubs, and Tim Martin boss of and J D Wetherspoon encouraging them to do so.

The same Tim Martin who forced sick workers into work by threatening not to pay them.

We have no immunity to coronavirus, there is no vaccine (earliest 18 months away). Our only defence, wash our hands with soap and water, social distancing.

Pepsi Trump has blood on his hands. On Tuesday we were two weeks behind Italy, one week behind Spain. China bought us time and we squandered it.

Italy has now passed the death toll for China.

Huff and puff is not going to make coronavirus go away.

All mass gatherings and sporting events should have been banned at least two weeks ago. Schools should have been closed at least a week ago.

Across Europe, borders are closed, airports closed, cities in lockdown.

In UK, the piss heads pack into pubs and clubs, muscle-bound morons into gyms.

Shopping malls, pubs, clubs, bars, gyms should be closed. Maybe add nail bars and hairdressers to the list.

Our borders should be closed. At very minimum temperature screening at airports.

London, where number of cases growing the fastest, placed in lockdown.

We should be testing 25,000 people a day.

Sheffield deserted, like a ghost city. Many places closed, those that are open closing early, others their doors locked with a warning on the door not to enter for fear of coronavirus.

Those that are open, coffee shops, restaurants, prominent displayed what precautions they are taking. One coffee shop, hand sanitiser on entry, notice advising to use before enter.

Nowhere accepting cash. Credit card only, contactless.

In coffee shops various measures, for example as I saw last week in Nottingham, only serve in takeaway cups, no reusable cups.

And they are willing to discuss the measures they are taking.

For those open, business down by at least 80% and struggling to remain in business. Will remain open as long as they can.

Sheffield the only city I have seen taking coronavirus seriously.

What I also found in Sheffield, anger, anger at Pepsi Trump for failure to act. Failure to close sporting events, failure to close schools, failure to close pubs, bars, clubs, gyms. Failure to lockdown London.

Update: I wrote this earlier. Overtaken by events. Subsequent Pepsi Trump closes pubs, clubs, gyms etc. But should for pubs have been with immediate effect, or very latest 1800, as pubs tonight will be full of piss heads. Restaurants, coffee shops were not a problem. A pity closures did not take place a week ago.

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