UK abandons flawed coronavirus strategy

In abrupt about turn UK government has abandoned its flawed coronavirus strategy.

China gave us a breathing space, in January the world should have suspend all flights to China.

Italy has shown where headed, then Spain, but no ban on public gathering or sporting events in UK.

Last week, sporting bodies in UK broke ranks, many sporting events cancelled until further notice.

This afternoon, a broken Boris Johnson advised people should avoid going to pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, work from home, but schools will remain open.

I have been warning, avoid crowded places, pubs, crowded restaurants, overcrowded commuters trains, cruise ships, advising to work from home.

This morning workers voted with their feet, commuter trains were empty, Waterloo Station deserted.

We lack immunity, in the absence of a vaccine (at least 18 months away) our defence is social distancing and testing, testing, testing.

It was disgusting that at the weekend racing and rugby took place.

Why oh why BBC News and Look North granting airtime to morons bragging they will continue going out drinking?

In Spain, drunk British tourists ignoring lockdown. No country wants the dregs of the tourist industry

Harrow and Eton closed, the rich and privileged look after their own, but state schools to remain open.

Again pupils and parents voting with their feet.

Kids with a cough, advised to stay home. What of the rest of the class who may be infected?

Governors must hold emergency meetings on whether or not to close their school.

Children who already have health problems, for example asthma are at risk.

Social distancing worked in South Korea until the 31st case, who is thought to account for 80% of infections in South Korea.

South Korea is testing 20,000 people a day, an app for follow up, testing people entering and leaving the country.

WHO has advised testing, testing, testing.

Without testing we are flying blind.

We should have banned mass public gatherings and sporting events at least two weeks ago, advised people to avoid crowed places, pubs, crowded restaurants, overcrowded commuter trains, cruise ships. Advised people where ever possible to work from home.

Eton and Harrow closed, the rich and privileged look after their own, state schools ordered to remain open.

If a child has a cough, send home, by which time classmates infected. Increase school sizes if teachers fall sick.

Governors should hold emergency meeting on whether to close their school.

On Friday there is to be a mass walk out by pupils. Everyone please join, and not return.

China bought us time and we squandered it. Italy, then Spain showed what to expect.

We did nothing other than to tell people to wash their hands.

We have no resistance, there is no vaccine (at least 18 months away), our only protection social distancing.

South Korea testing 20,000 people a day, an app for follow app, checks on leaving and entering the country. In UK nothing, minimal testing, no screening at airports.

— to be continued —

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