Coronavirus Lincolnshire hospitality industry setting poor example

Coronavirus, avoid mass gatherings, avoid crowded places, but this little shindig went ahead anyway.

Does this really show the hospitality industry has got it re coronavirus?

One person who was there when questioned, was this not acting irresponsibly, claimed she did not know of any advice and it was ok because they were enjoying themselves.

Is there any wonder hospitality industry in free fall and people are staying home if this is the example they set, and as the response to myself, it was ok cos they were out enjoying themselves?

Social distancing slows if not halts the spread of viruses. Viruses need people to spread, without they do not spread.

Halve the number of people and halve the opportunity for a virus to spread.

As irresponsible as a school sending schoolkids to northern Italy.

My recent observations

  • Toby Carvery Lincoln bar girl sneezes twice into her hands then hands over two glasses of water
  • fish n chip restaurant waitress sneezes into her hands wipes hands on a tea towel then uses tea towel to wipe glasses and cutlery
  • village pub with no soap in the toilet

I asked one of the participants in this little shindig, temperature screening as enter a hotel, hand sanitiser as enter a coffee shop or restaurant?

The response? I was blocked. That is how much they care. Hardly action to inspire confidence.

In many countries now standard practice to scan temperature on entering a hotel.

Awards are now so many they are worthless.

I recall a couple of years back an award for best tea or coffee shop in Lincolnshire. It was serving disgusting undrinkable coffee. The award just happened to be sponsored by the supplier of their low quality catering supply coffee.

Maybe I should initiate an award, a virtual award ceremony, the worst examples seen for spreading coronavirus.

Let us look elsewhere.

A coffee shop in Nottingham. Now only serving in takeaway cups to minimise contact between staff and customers.

As I write, I spoke with a friend who was nominated for a national tourism award, we later were invited to a meeting with tourism minister. I asked would the ceremony she attended likely to take place today. She said no, and was appalled when I told her of this ceremony taking place, which puts the industry in a bad light, shows not taking spread of coronavirus seriously.

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