Lincolnshire Echo click bait scaremongering

Headline grabbing scaremongering, click-bait fake news.

Talking with people I have not found anyone scared, the county gripped by fear.

I have sadly found stupid people who think no different to seasonal flu, for example a stupid woman on a train, who coughed most of the journey.

I find people who are angry, angry that the government not banning public gathering or sporting events, angry at a Lincolnshire school taking schoolkids on a school trip to northern Italy.

Another example from the local rag, Lincoln city centre a ghost town. Not true, fewer people on the streets yes, a ghost town no.

The front page of the Echo, click bait attention-grabbing scaremongering. Then more of the same. Lincoln like a ghost town.

I was in town Thursday, it was not deserted, it was not like a ghost town, even around 5-30 on Friday not deserted.

I have seen fewer people on the streets in January middle of the day once kids have gone back to school.

If we look at data from mobile phone tracking in the streets of cities. down 3% three weeks ago, three weeks later, down 20%. These are average figures.

In some cities down 27%, worse case down 40%.

Waterside deserted. Grotty shopping centre, not worth visiting, is it ever anything other than deserted?

As always, shoddy journalism.

Nottingham not many people around. I have not visited before on a Friday, thus no comparison, but I was told fewer than usual. A Thai restaurant was busier than previous visits, one coffee shop I was told businesses down, another said half usual level of customers.

People are wisely staying home avoiding anywhere crowded.

Social distancing helps slow the spread of viruses, half the number of people, half the opportunity to spread, which is why avoid crowded places and government should ban all public gatherings.

People are running scared.

Click bait fake news from a scurrilous local rag does not help.

We have no immunity. Our only protection, social distancing.

Avoid crowded places, pubs, bars, crowded restaurants, shopping centres, overcrowded commuter trains. Wherever possible work from home.

People not going into town unless necessary to buy food, are acting wisely.

We have been very badly let down by a government that has steadfastly refused to ban public gatherings.

Eton and Harrow have closed, state schools ordered to remain open. The rich and privileged look after their own. School governors should hold emergency meetings and decided whether or not to close.

Maybe scribblers should ask why no hand sanitiser at entrances to Lincoln Central Bus Station, with signs advising passengers to use?

Maybe ask why hand sanitisers not at entrances to coffee shops and restaurants, clientele asked to use before permitted entry?

Local media acting for the local community, not click bait scaremongering and peddling fake news.

to be continued —

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