Europe epicentre of coronavirus pandemic

Denmark closed borders to foreigners

France limit gatherings to less than 100 people. Schools closed.

Spain Sate of Emergency, towns in lock down no one allowed in or out. FCO advice do not travel to Madrid or parts of Spain.

Most countries across Europe, ban on public gathering, closure of borders.

It Italy in lock down, the people are keeping up their sprits.

It beggars belief football fans travelled from Madrid to a football match in Liverpool.

It beggars belief Cheltenham racing went ahead..

Social distancing slows the spread. In England, no ban on mass public gatherings, no intention to until at least another week. How many will die as a result? People spread viruses.

Football and other sporting bodies have taken the initiative to ban events until further notice, should have happened at least a week ago. And yet still the government dithers.

They claim, minsters brainwashed fake science, propaganda, to which no name, no report released for scrutiny.

Not only failure to ban mass public gathering, now only tasting patients in hospital.

We need to test those with symptoms to identify cases, to then trace contacts. In addition, random testing. Testing provides data on disease spread.

Big Tech banned travel for its employees a couple of weeks ago. Apple has now closed its retail stores.

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