China bought us time and the world squandered it

China has bought us time and the world squandered it. – WHO spokesman

You sit here and ask me this question, but fly from Madrid to be here. They close schools and universities… but you think football is worth it to travel. — Jürgen Klopp

The chilling words are from WHO on the day they declared coronavirus a pandemic.

I have watched in horror as coronavirus has spread from China.

I have watched in horror as the world sat back and did nothing.

China was slow to act, let the virus spread, but then woke up and put Wu Han in lock down.

This gave the world time to act, they knew what was coming.

One of the first countries to catch coronavirus outside of China was Singapore. Singapore acted and has slowed the spread.

Why was travel still permitted to China as China went into lock down? Why was the border with Hong Kong not closed?

Now we see panic buying, or at least media induced hysteria irresponsible click-bait scaremongering.

The whole of Italy is in lock down. All shops closed apart from food shops, pharmacies and banks. Restaurants and cafes to close at six o’clock, customers at least one metre apart.

12,000 plus confirmed cases and a death toll of 827 in Italy.

In Spain, schools and universities closed.

In England, wash you hands and self-isolate if feel ill. And, er that is it.

A wonder not advised, have a nice cup of tea dear.

Cobra the government emergency committee did not meet until last week. Only today has it been announced opposition politicians will be asked to attend.

A company in Lincoln brought workers over from Northern Italy.

A school in Lincolnshire sent schoolkids to northern Italy, even though the situation was known.

Cases worldwide outside of China have risen 13 times in last two weeks.

Number of countries increased 3 times in last two weeks.

Denmark which has 514 confirmed cases, up 10-fold since Monday, but no deaths so far, in lock down, to close all schools and universities from Friday and will send home all public sector employees who are not in critical roles in the coming days. The government also urged the cancellation of events with more than 100 people attending.

India has suspended most visas for foreigners until 15 April and Guatemala is banning European citizens from entering from Thursday. Colombia has restrictions on travel from Europe.

There is still no ban on public gatherings in England. Lack of a ban sends out the wrong message.

A government minister, ironically minster for health Nadine Dorries, has tested positive for coronavirus. She attended meetings, met with dozens of people, including Prime Minister Pepsi Trump. Instead of setting an example, he has not self-isolated. Again the wrong message sent out.

I have asked a coffee shop, a restaurant, to install hand sanitiser, to ask patrons to use, deny entry if they decline. They have refused to install, too much trouble.

Same with a bus station, too much trouble. And so the disease spreads.

Talking with a friend in self-self-isolation, 150 cases in Logroño, schools and public meeting places closed. If she travels to Cyprus, she will have a further 14 days of self-isolation as coming from Spain.

Covid-19 is a novel virus, the threat from which cannot be overstated.

Twice as infectious as seasonal flu, ten times the lethality.

Symptoms range from cough, fever through to death.

Mortality rate 3.4% (Italy in excess of 4%).

Covid-19 is not flu, it is not similar to flu, in Italy the health service is close to breaking point. In UK health service close to breaking point before outbreak of covid-19.

The world has been slow to act once the outbreak was known in Wu Han, is still slow to act.

A nightclub in Hull has voluntarily closed until further notice to reduce spread of coronavirus.

Whilst we wait for Pepsi Trump to act, wash your hands, avoid crowded public places. Avoid pubs, especially J D Wetherpoon where sick staff were forced into work or not get paid, avoid sporting events, avoid crowded restaurants, airports, planes, cruise ships, shopping centres, overcrowded commuter trains. And wherever possible, work from home.

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