Excellent coverage by Channel 4 News on coronavirus.

How fast is coronavirus spreading. How prepared is UK?

We have seen the death toll in China exponentially rising, the streets deserted.

Coronavirus is in England, Brighton the Wu Han of the south coast.

What is shocking is the last of preparedness, huff and puff and unintelligible blathering from Pepsi Trump like King Canute ordering the tide not to come in is not going to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In Brighton people are not being given information to stay safe, to stop themselves spreading the virus.

It beggars belief flights are still arriving from China and other infected parts of the world such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

It was one man on a flight from Singapore, with a stopover in the French Alps, that has infected people in Brighton, shut two surgeries, put children at risk at local schools.

The border checks are farcical. Hand out leaflets to advise people if they think they are infected to self-quarantine and call 111.

Anyone who has ever called 111 knows how bloody useless is that service.

One person on a flight, passing through an airport, getting on a crowded train, travelling on the crowed Underground, does not bear thinking about.

We know how coronavirus spreads and yet basic personal hygiene to stop spread of disease is not being put in place

  • Toby Carvery Lincoln female bar staff sneezes into her hands then hands over to glasses of water
  • a newly opened fish n chip shop waitress sneezes into her hands then wipes hands on tea towel which she then uses to wipes glasses and cutlery
  • a village pub no soap in toilet with which to wash hands
  • trains with no running water no soap in the toilets

What action by local environmental health officials?

Staff at airlines, airports and transport hubs should go on strike until all flights from infected countries are suspended and any one who has travelled from these countries is immediately quarantined.

What are local environmental health officials doing to stop the spread of coronavirus? From what I have seen of the lack of any understanding of personal hygiene to stop the spread of disease, not a lot.

As coronavirus spreads, supermarket shelves stripped bare, no one working, transport not running, as no one available to keep running.

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