Cutlery Works

Cutlery Works, a bus ride away from Sheffield city centre on Kelham Island, occupies two floors, claims to be the largest food hall in the North. Whether claim true or not I do not know.

Imagine the worst street food collected together in one building? OK, not that bad but get my drift. At least no hot dogs, kebabs or German sausages. Pies, a couple of bars, Vietnamese, a coffee roastery, pizza and a chocolate maker.

It was all but deserted as I had a wander around, but the smell of cooking lingered, not pleasant and I hate to think what it is like when busy and all the stalls cooking.

I had eaten earlier at Marmadukes and was pleased that I had from the choice on offer.

No atmosphere, lacking in ambience. Made worse by widescreen TV screens dotted around.

I tried a coffee from Foundry Coffee Roasters. It was not great, not worth trekking out from Sheffield city centre for.

Only business worth making a trip out from Sheffield city centre, Bullion bean to bar artisan craft chocolate.

Not acceptable, card only, do not take cash. This is discrimination. Hands money to banks, enables tracking, more data collected. Not the choice of the individual businesses. Imposed on the businesses by the management of Cutlery Works. They collect rent as a cut from turnover, hence card payment only to enable the management to keep track of all the businesses. This should be seen for what it is, sharp businesses practice.

Nor acceptable wifi that not only is not secure, is a crude scam to obtain and abuse personal data. Visitors who use the wifi will then start receiving junk e-mail.

There are better places to eat in Sheffield city centre, South Street Kitchen, ShuJu Kitchen pop up Taiwanese kitchen at Union St, Marmadukes.

Apart from Bullion, Cutlery Works not worth a trip to Kelham Island.

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