Misty day in Nottingham

Dawn dense fog.

En route to Nottingham very misty.

Nottingham damp but not cold.

Looked in Hopkinson as Dash Vegan has relocated from Cobden Chambers.

Dash Vegan sadly not worth a visit. It was not at its previous location. Not even muesli.

Then on to Ugly Bread Bakery.

Ugly Bread Bakery was heaving, a queue to the door.

I retraced my steps to Paste. Food is excellent but. Glum waitress leads me to a table, no smile, no hi how are you, I am sat by a radiator, too hot, loud music,. I get up and walk out.


Most of the people now decanted from Ugly Bread Bakery. I had hoped for the filled bread roll I had seen on my previous visit to Nottingham, but they change daily what is on offer. I settle for focaccia bread filled with Stilton cheese and mushrooms. It was then toasted, though would have been better not. I did not expect to be served with a little greenery.

Ugly Bread Bakery also serve pizza and cakes. All from their own bakery.

Decor run down chic.

It was then to Luisa’s bean to bar craft chocolate, continue conversation from previous week and to sample more of her delicious chocolate.

To Outpost Coffee, excellent cappuccino.

I suggested stock chocolate from Luisa’s. Yes, would love to, but limited space.

To Ideas on Paper. I should have picked up more magazines on previous visit as now nearly everything gone from back issues in half price sale.

Quality magazines do not date.

I mentioned stocking Cacao. Question though is how limited the market for a magazine devoted to chocolate?

Too long in Ideas on Paper. I was unlikely to make the train.


Therefore to The Speciality Coffee Shop.

Michelangelo suggests I try a Sumatra as an espresso.

I do not usually drink an espresso, I find too strong, too harsh. I have though occasionally enjoyed an espresso, but it has to be exceptional coffee.

Michelangelo suggest drink slowly. Take a sip, a few minutes, take another sip, as it cools down.

I follow his advice.

Yes, an excellent espresso. Smooth with fruity notes.

I suggested stock chocolate from Luisa’s. Yes, would love to, but too hot, chocolate would melt and would not do justice to the chocolate.

I pick up a cake as I head out to the station.


Train pulls in as I walk along the platform at Nottingham Station. As always way down the platform.

Train, packed in like sardines, one door out of order. Train leaves late due to time to load the passengers. Garbled incomprehensible announcements on the train. Not an acceptable service.  This should be at least three-coaches, not two.

=== to be continued =====

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