Nottingham week before Christmas

Dawn thick fog, cleared to mist, very misty on train to Nottingham, fields waterlogged.

Train pulled in close to station entrance. Why does it not usually do this?

Looked in 200 Degrees Nottingham Station. OK for lunch, but not coffee. Packed. Too busy. Later passed by 200 Degrees Flying Horse Walk.

Cartwheel Coffee, last visit left disappointed.

Try Cobden Chambers. Ownership of restaurant has changed yet again. Now a cafe serving tea and cakes. It will not survive when opposite Cobden Chambers is Wired. I am not surprised Dash Vegan has closed, though I expected the Dash Vegan Zero Waste Shop to be the first to go. I looked in later, still no improvement in the stock.

Walked along the street, places I have spotted before, closed.

Settled on a Thai restaurant, Paste Thai Contemporary Cuisine.

Meal was good, though maybe more suited to an evening dinner than lunch.

Although close by Ideas on Paper, decided to go to The Speciality Coffee Shop, then return.

Tacky Christmas market in Market Square. Disgusting junk food and tat.

Why is it every town centre has to dump sheds selling tat and junk food in town centres and call it a Christmas market?

Head off down the wrong street. At least explains why the street looked unfamiliar.

Retrace my steps.

The Speciality Coffee Shop, Michelangelo greets me at the door. Closed, no coffee.

I thought he was joking. No, he really had run out off coffee, the shelves are bare. He has run down stocks, will close over Christmas, reopen in New Year.

Head back to to Ideas on Paper. Pick up latest copy of Cereal. I learn Om Nom no more. Lasted all of four issues.

Head to Cartwheel Coffee as en route to station.

Have cappuccino.

Miss train. Pulls out as walking down the platform.

Retrace my steps back to Cartweheel Coffee. We try La Pila from The Underdog as V60.

Back to station, just make train as pulling out.


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