Athens First Saturday in November

Since the clocks went back the previous weekend a noticeable change in the weather.

Very much like late autumn in England, cold in the morning, warm and sunny in the afternoon, clear blue skies, temperature drops as soon as the sun goes down, cold at night, very cold late at night.

Today a visit to The Acropolis, but first find an art museum.

The museum I was looking for National Museum of Contemporary Art, Whether or not the correct museum, as many with art, I do not know, but correct or not, it was closed.

En route I passed an interesting modern hotel. I actually thought it a furniture shop that makes wooden beds, which also makes wooden bicycles, but no it was a very modern hotel Coco-Mat with wooden bicycles parked outside.

I also passed an interesting bar with a wide range of craft beer.

In the same street, more or less opposite, a derelict mansion.

A slightly different route back, stopped at a falafel bar and had falafel and salad.

Making this quality of falafel in North Laine in Brighton would do very well.

An amazing sight, a scooter piled high with eggs then more added.

Now maybe too late for The Acropolis as late afternoon, but decided to visit anyway.

But why were they charging 30 euros for a season ticket? November it should be half price and I had been told last week at Ancient Agora half price for November, as it has been in the past. No they were adamant, 30 euros but half price for The Acropolis, 10 euros not 20 euros. I grudgingly paid 10 euros.

Areopagus, a rocky outcrop on the western side of The Acropolis.

Sun was setting as I left The Acropolis. As it was nearby I climbed the rock.

There are steps carved into the rock, dodgy to ascend, now barred off and an ugly stairs adjacent.

A popular site for watching the sun set.

Walked to The Underdog, had a cappuccino.

I now notice Nespresso capsules with Brazilian coffee, 20 euros for 18 capsules.

Once the sun goes down it is cold.

I decided too cold to walk back caught the Metro at Thisio. Very rough character on the train, not been on this line before. Maybe a line to avoid.

Dinner in Plaka.

Turkish sisters who were there the night before, one sister again joined the musicians to sing. She was good.


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