Nespresso flagship store Kolonaki

I often pass by the Nespresso flagship store in Kolonaki on my way to taresso.

Window display Nordic range. I looked in.

I want to try the best you have on offer.

Nordic range, is that to express the best coffee from Scandinavia?

Clueless, did not understand my question.

I was offered strong, I assumed meant dark over roasted. What flavour? Er. The coffee so bad has to have added flavour to take away the vile taste?

I was told all the coffee quality.

I settled for a cappuccino, getting nowhere in what to choose.

Baffled how cappuccino made.

A jar with milk brought out, attached to the Nespresso machine.

What comes out all froth. Looks disgusting tastes disgusting. Scalding hot, all foam and froth.

Next I try an espresso. Scalding hot, vile taste.

Seriously how can anyone drink this crap coffee?

I learnt all the Nespresso machines the same, big difference in price, from less than a 100 euros to several hundred euros, but that difference is the external appearance, what gizmos attached, internally all the same machine.

Price of most expensive capsules 5.5 euros for ten capsules. If calculate price for 250 g, very high price paid for cheap low quality coffee.

Why was I even trying undrinkable coffee?

Several days ago previous, I commented at The Underdog on a Nespresso machine on the bar, more than commented, shock horror. On the shelves what looked like egg boxes for quail eggs. These I learnt were Nespresso capsules but not Nespreesso coffee, each box 18 capsules. 20 euros Ethiopian, 30 euros Panama Geisha, roasted by The Underdog, put into capsules in Moscow.

I tried Panama Geisha in a 60 euros Nespresso machine. It was wow, I could not believe how good it was. Not what would expect from a Nespresso machine.

Hence the moral of this story, if have wasted money on an Nespresso machine, buy quality coffee not from Nespresso.

Cost wise, yes the Panama Geisha expensive, special treat.

If the Ethiopian, less than double what would pay for expensive but crap coffee from Nespresso.

There was mention in the Nespresso store that the capsules could be recycled. This I did not follow up. I now had the vile taste of Nespresso to be rid of.

It was to Taresso for a decent cup of coffee.

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