Redd Coffee

Redd Coffee, a coffee shop in Kolonaki.

An unusual set up, choose your characteristic and coffee brewed from a selection of beans. A tiny coffee shop, I am thus surprised two espresso machines.

I am also surprised with high quality single origin coffee no pour over on offer.

I chose a cold brew made with a cold drip tower. Excellent. Also available by the bottle.

Cold brew excellent, but at first knocks your brains out. The ice slowly slowly melting, less of a kick.

Nice ceramic mugs which very quickly turn ice cold.

I suggest store the mugs for cold brew in the fridge.

Pleasant design, the coffee in boxes for a design pattern on the wall.

But, I would prefer the coffee in bags, on display with details of the coffee on the bags, or at the very least cards cf Mind the Cup, to choose which single origin coffee and serve as pour over.

Helpful and knowledgeable barista.

Minimalist coffee shop. Coffee only, no cakes, no snacks. This is reflected in the minimalist black and white design.

I have mixed feelings on pick cards to choose flavour profile, or at least how they implement, not the choosing.

I would prefer to see, choose the cards for the flavour profile, which then indicates a region, how processed, for single origin beans. This would educate the clientele in the difference between the beans, not all coffee is the same.

No toilets not good.

Note: I learnt on a subsequent visit, there are toilets. Ask.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    Redd Coffee revisited

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