National Liberation Day

Dawn, a loud explosion, then another, then another, then another, then another. I counted 21.

I then realised, to mark the dawn and to commereate National Liberation Day, the liberation of Greece from Germany at the end of World War Two.

Now all we need is liberation from EU.

At ten o’clock, another 21 gun salute to mark the start of the processions. Lots of flag waving.

I see puffs of smoke from Lycabettus Hill, then maybe a second later the bang of the canon.

I walked to Syntagma, but by then it was midday and the crowds had disappeared. The roads were free of traffic.

As always e-scooters abandoned everywhere, but at least neatly parked.

I was though very lucky and caught the changing of the guard.

But why National Garden closed?

It is ludicrous kiosks force passers by onto a narrow strip of footpath, force into a busy main road and ideal for pickpockets.

Today free entry to archaeological sites and museums.

I take advantage to visit Temple of Olympian Zeus.

On leaving, crossing the busy road to Bernaki Museum Kolonaki, e-scooters abandoned across the crossing.

I go in search of Redd a coffee shop in Kolonaki. I not know if open.

An unusual set up, choose your characteristic and coffee brewed from a selection of beans. A tiny coffee shop, I am thus surprised two espresso machines.

I am also surprised with high quality single origin coffee on offer, no pour over.

I choose a cold brew made with a cold drip tower. Excellent. Also available by the bottle.

I then discover I have no money. I have been robbed.

Back to where I am staying, to double check. No, I have been robbed.

I suspect where lots of people gathered for National Liberation Day.

I wander around The Acropolis to visit Ancient Agora.

Many more people than Sunday, many more stalls.

I find what I at first think is the artist I have missed, but no, copies.

Sit and watch musicians.

Between Thisio and Monastiraki tricksters move a box around, of three boxes guess which one has ball hidden. Members of the audience part of the scam, also possibly pickpockets.

When I arrive at Ancient Agora, I have all of ten minutes before it closes, but entry today is free.

Fourth time I find Just Made 33 closed.

To Peek a Bloom, enjoy a cappuccino.

Late night dinner in Plaka. Every where now closing earlier, turning cold at night.

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One Response to “National Liberation Day”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    It sure was National Liberation day….of your money. Not good thieving bar stewards.

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