Dope Roasting Co

On leaving The Underdog, I find Dope Roasting Co, my second attempt.

But why oh why does Google Maps send me along polluted busy roads, not walk alongside Metro line from Thisio to Monastiraki?

An interesting building, not a building, a space between two buildings, hence the bare graffiti covered walls.

Interesting conversation between head roaster and owner as to why they use Robusta.

Conventional wisdom, remove the sugar, try, then ask if still require sugar.

Turn this on its head, go with the flow, Greeks have bad taste in coffee, loads of sugar. Therefore offer high quality Robusta from India, beans double the price of cheap commodity Robusta, which the corporate chains use and small chains like 200 Degrees to bulk out their coffee.

Did I try the Robusta? No. I did though check the freshly roasted beans.

I tried a cappuccino, Arabica not Robusta.

The bags of coffee poorly labeleld, need more information on the origin, taste profile, roast date.

Dope Roasting Co is new, a coffee shop and roastery.

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One Response to “Dope Roasting Co”

  1. keithpp Says:

    V60 at Dope Roasting Co the next day was not good.

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