Afternoon in Athens

Saturday four weeks ago, Acropoli to Thisio to Monastiraki to Plaka.

Following breakfast with a view, coffee at Little Tree. Saturday it was packed.

Walking to Little Tree passed a derelict mansion.

Flipping through a book in Little Tree, it fell open at an essay about the very same house.

Pedestrianised streets around The Acropolis.

Cold brew at The Underdog. A chat with a French couple. I recommend coffee shops for them, suggested check out Standart guide to Athens coffee culture.

On leaving The Underdog, setting sun illuminating The Acropolis.

Find Dope Roasting Co, my second attempt.

But why oh why does Google Maps send me along polluted busy roads, not walk alongside Metro line from Thisio to Monastiraki?

Interesting building, not a building, a space between two buildings, hence the bare graffiti covered walls.

Interesting conversation with head roaster and owner as to why they use Robusta.

Then on to Anana. Late and have had too much coffee, have a glass of water.

Late night I eat at Taverna Saita in Plaka. Service appalling. Souvlaki OK, when it finally arrives. Tax avoidance, no bill or receipt produced as required by law, and no sign displayed to state this.


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