The Rabbit Punch

Google Maps said 24 minutes, reality over an hour.

I wished to avoid the main road, but could not cross to the other side.

When I finally managed to cross the busy main road, taking my life in my hands in doing so, I got lost in the back streets that I thought would be a handy short cut.

Uphill all the way.

Was it worth it when over 25C?

The design of The Rabbit Punch good, but a disappointment if familiar with The Underdog.

The Rabbit Punch overlooks a tree lined square with Church Prophet Elias Pangratiou in the centre of the square. It could be peasant location, but for the fact it is a busy junction.

The Rabbit Punch though could not be in a worse location. Busy road junction, very high pollution levels.

Cold brew was good, but not enjoyable sat outside. Noisy and polluted, impossible to relax.

Interesting conversation with barista. He is visiting London for a few days end of November, was going to visit Bristol. I advised instead visit Oxford and Brighton. And suggested a few coffee shops.


  • Craft Coffee – kiosk side of King’s Cross Station
  • Espresso Room – Covent Garden


  • 101 Espresso – Jericho
  • Society Cafe – Opposite Oxford Union
  • Colombian Coffee Roasters – Oxford Covered Market


  • Small Batch kiosk – outside Brighton Station
  • Coffee at 33 – North Laine
  • Pelicano – North Laine
  • Blackbird – The Laines

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3 Responses to “The Rabbit Punch”

  1. harry parkins Says:

    Shame that it was on a busy junction


  2. harry parkins Says:

    I bet he was pleased you advised him


  3. keithpp Says:

    Location not good, motorbikes weaving in and out of the traffic, difficult to cross the road, noise and pollution bad.

    Barista was very pleased on being given a few good coffee shops to visit.

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