Ohh Boy

A fleeting visit, Wednesday evening three weeks ago in Athens, I stumbled across Ohh Boy by accident.

Coming down off Lycabettas Hill in the dark, I was lost, disorientated, not n a clue where I was, and for all I knew, heading off away from where I wished to be.

Eventually I encountered Ohh Boy, and asked may I use their wifi.

I find I am nowhere near where I thought I was.

I had a glass of water. Did I wish for a coffee? No, I was already late, noted Taf coffee served which was a good sign and said I would return another day.

I try to avoid main roads. I thought I was heading to Syntagma. I must have gone way way out of my way, as only when passed by Olympic Stadium of the First Modern Olympics did I realise I was heading the opposite way to the Olympian Temple of Zeus. I then knew where I was, took a slightly longer route but on quieter streets. I had gone way out of my way.

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