Day in Athens

Wednesday in Athens three weeks ago, Acropoli to Plaka, to Kolonaki, climb Lycabettas Hill see the sun set, walk down in the dark.

I would usually wander around Olympian Temple of Zeus, but instead walked through Plaka to Third Place coffee shop.

Third Place not easy to find, and on a very noisy polluted street.

An interview taking place for Antenna, at least I think for Antenna, a Greek TV channel. Not of the coffee shop, chosen because interesting location.

I decided to visit because on my first visit to Third Place in May I was not impressed by the coffee.

My cappuccino ok but not great. Either poor quality roasting or poor quality beans.

I discussed with the barista, who is also the owner. He said roasted to suit Greek palette. Erm, maybe. But I am not entirely convinced. Beans from Brazil, did not appear to be single origin.

I later had a cappuccino roasted by Bonanza for Resident in Berlin. Greek champion barista Kelly at Taresso. It was excellent, even though the coffee beans roasted in April and at least five months old and the bag had been opened.

Makes my point, Third Place would be well advised to source better quality beans, at least if wish to be taken seriously as a coffee shop.

Walked through National Garden, passed Benaki Museum, through Kolonaki, passed Instituto Cervantes to Taresso.

Excellent Chemex using coffee from Papua New Guinea, Followed by cappuccino brewed with guest coffee roasted for Resident by Bonanaza. Excellent and I probably did not do justice as did not drink when freshly brewed.

It was then climb Lycabettas Hill as the sun was setting.

At the top of the steps, police with semi-automatic weapons and many police milling around. I asked the guy with semi-automatic weapon. Very important person passing through.

Up through the wood of pine trees and aloe vera, then through aloe vera and prickly pear cacti. When I got to the top the sun had set. I was surprised at the number of people.

Walked back down in the dark. Dangerous as do not see steps, amd if do not focus miss sharp turns in the path and walk over a precipice.

Three bus loads of riot police.

Then I was lost. I did not have a clue where I was, completely disorientated.

Eventually I encounters Ohh Boy, and ask may I use their wifi.

I find I am nowhere near where I thought I was.

I try to avoid main roads. I thought I was heading to Syntagma. I must have gone way way out of my way, as only when passed by Olympic Stadium of the First Modern Olympics did I realise I was heading the opposite way to The Temple of Zeus. I then knew where I was, took a slightly longer route but on quieter streets. I had gone way out of my way.

Dinner at night in Plaka.


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