Souvlaki at Avra traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Ayia Napa

I had passed this traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant earlier, walking through Ayia Napa en route from Larnaca. The streets were closed due to Ayia Napa Medieval Festival.

I attended the festival, too late to eat anywhere else, I walked back to this restaurant.

My intitial impression on handling the menu, not good, it was dirty and greasy, too many filthy hands had handled it. These menus should be burnt at end of season and replaced.

Wiped were brought to clean my hands, and aplogies offered.

Chicken soup for strtaer. It was good.

The souvlalki was not tough as No I Restaurant the Monday of the week before.

Waiters over attentive. Whether I was selected or restaurant near empty I do not know.

I asked the man who appaeared to be in chargem were they being hit by all-inclusive? He said no, but he belived yes, others were. He survived by offereing qualikty. I was suprised to learn offered kleftiko, he draw my attention to the wood-fired clay oven, which he said they fired up at 1130 in the morning. He also pointed to the open kitchen where he said they grilled over charcoal.

One Response to “Souvlaki at Avra traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Ayia Napa”

  1. harry parkins Says:

    pleased you enjoyed the food


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