Afternoon in Larnaca

Heading towards end of October and still very hot and sunny.

Change bus from local bus to Intercity Bus at Ayia Napa en route to Larnaca.

Time to walk through Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park.

I always find somwhat anomolous, petrochemical facilities line the seafront as enter Larnaca alonng the coast.

Also several derelict hotels. On the other hand, an ugly eysore being erected.

Third visit to Larnaca where I find no Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina.

Walked along the sea front, past Larnaca Castle.

There is nothing attarctive about the seafront, apart from Larnaca Marina and Larnaca Medieval Castle. The interesting part of Larnaca the back streets.

Retraced my steps to Larnaca Castle then looked inside Grand Mosque.

Not worth visiting. The exterior interesting, the interior not.

Passed by a shop with in window display of Last Supper. On a recent visit, I asked who it was by? The man in the shop told me Last Supper. No what is it copy of? He did not know. I told him, very famous by Leonardo da Vinci. He then fed me some bullshit that Leonardo da Vinci came to his village and taught the women how to make lace. It could of course be true, but seems unlikely.

Hearing music, I found a wedding party outside Church of St Lazarus. Then what appeared to be spontaneous, to the delight of everyone the bride and groom dancing to the music. Very moving.

Yogurt followed by a cappuccino at Lazaris Bakery.

Yogurt excellent, cappuccino in a league of it own for disgusting undrinkable coffee. I left untouched after one sip.

The rude guy who made the cappuccino, it would be an insult to baristas to call him a barista, was showing a girl how to make coffee. What was it, a demonstration of how to make bad coffee?

Not helped by buying cheap crap coffee beans.

Lazaris is a sympathetic restoration of a old building. It would make an excellent coffee shop if only they served drinkable coffee.

To Paul’s Coffee Roasters, just had time for a small cappuccino. I would argue only one size, a correct size. The larger size was better. I found this too be weak and insipid.

Intercity Bus could not go as far as the main square outside the Monastery in Ayia Napa, where I would change for the local bus, roads closed for Ayia Napa Medieval Carnival.

A procession through the street, followed by a concert in the square in front of the monastery.

Too late to eat anywhere else, ate at Avra Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Ayia Napa.

Caught late bus 0015.

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