Afternoon in Larnaca

Change from local bus to Intercity Buses at Ayia Napa.

Time to walk through Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park, or at least a small part of the park.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, International Food Festival in Larnaca.

Was it worth visiting? No, not at least not what I saw setting up, worst type of junk food would find on a bad street food market in England.

The only stall of quality, Cappuccino Nick’s Coffee Bike”>, and having relocated from his usual pitch outside Larnaca Marina, a dramatic drop in customers.

I assumed he was not there and it was only because I chose to investigate the Larnnaca International Food Festival (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-13 October 2019) I found Nick.

As always an excellent cappuccino.

Time for a walk along the seafront as far as Larnaca Medieval Castle, look in Church of St Lazarus, then to Lazaris Bakery.

On the way, I passed a shop with a copy of The Last Supper in the window. When I inquired, they knew last supper, but not the original artist, Leonarda da Vinci. I was then fed some bullshit he came to Cyorus and taught lacemaking. Maybe true but sounds far fetched.

Lazaris Bakery overlooking Church of St Lazarus, sympathetic restoration of an old building.

Food is good, but I do not recommend for coffee, for coffee try Paul’s Coffee Roasters or Nick’s Coffee Bike.

Water to help oneself to. A very rare example in Cyprus. The other is Paul’s Coffee Roasters, though Nick’s Coffee Bike will give water if asked. The norm in Greece, but hospitality lacking in Cyprus where they would rather sell a bottle of water in plastic contributing to plastic pollution thnan provide free water. Another rare example Vrissaki Beach Hotel where water available on the bar during the day, at night free tea and coffee at dinner.

Excellent Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts.

It would be pleasant to sit outside but for the traffic fumes and smokers.

Outside seating needs to be made No Smoking and the whole area pedestrianised and traffic free including the seafront.

A pleasant evening very warm, it would have been pleasant to sit longer, but no time, not if to catch the bus

Walk to Paul’s Coffee Roaster in the dark without getting lost but no time to have a coffee, hello to Paul then run for the bus.

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