Cappuccino and pour over Paul’s Coffee Roasters

After several days of bad coffee and at best mediocre coffee, a coffee shop where they serve decent coffee, a rarity in Cyprus.

No Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina. I ask of security post, but they do not know other than to tell me not seen today.

I know of a coffee shop, but only walked from coffee shop through back streets to seafront. I decide to try the other way around, walk along seafront, through back streets, only cannot ask the way, as cannot recall the name.

Amazingly I find Paul’s Coffee Roasters without getting lost.

I order a cappuccino and take into the garden.

Coffee shop not busy, but becomes busy whilst I am there. A steady stream of customers, people of good taste who appreciate good coffee.

I leave two bags of coffee, but first we try Ethiopian from The Missing Bean brewed using a Gina, similar to a V60. Excellent.

Paul’s Coffee Roasters is a rarity in Cyprus, an independent coffee shop, pleasant ambience, lovely little garden, well designed, not made to look like Starbucks, and serves excellent coffee. Well worth finding.

Also try Nick’s Coffee Bike  by the seafront outside the marina.

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