Afternoon in Farnham

I had hoped to be out and back before the heavy rain arrived.

I arrived later than I would wish. It wa sthe find somwhere to eats, not easy at the nbst of times.

Gail’s no food, Krema clsoed at four, Coffee Dime kitchen closed.

I then thought try Heidi. A cross between a graesy spoon cafe and a staff canteen within Elphick departemnt store in other woirsd gtim.

They have acqaured two of the coffee shops from banrupt Caracoli and kept the name, which bodes ill for Caralloi, on the other hand mzbe a reverse takeawa oabd Caracoli in=mproves Heide.

Sadly not the latter, food not ao a par with Caracoli and the coffee LavAzza.

Krema is the only lace will get a decent coffee.

Through Liion and Lamb Courtyard to Waitrose. Poot stock levels, but at keast had what I wanted.

I was goung ti miss a bus if a visted Wairose.

— to be continued —

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